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Black Friday Offer!

On a limited time basis, we are opening up the ability to purchase two of the exclusive wines from our Spring Inaugural Shipment to all members of Delta Zeta! Don’t miss out!

Black Friday Offer Deadline!

The ability to purchase our Chardonnay & Red Wine for non-club members will end on Friday, December 10th.





Black Friday Offer

Try Killarney Napa Valley Wines and Support Delta Zeta!

With every shipment, members of the Killarney Club celebrate Delta Zeta, and support the organization’s areas of greatest need. We are committed to being a global women’s organization whose shared values truly inspire action and impact lives through our strategic priorities and initiatives. Apply to join the Killarney Club and support Delta Zeta while enjoying world-class wines from Napa Valley. Join today and support Delta Zeta.

For a limited time only, we are offering two bottles from our Spring Inaugural Shipment to all Delta Zetas who would like to try Killarney Napa Valley wines.

The bottles will be offered individually. $50 for the Chardonnay (Club Member Price $45), and $85 for the Red Wine (Club Member Price $75).

This offer is only good through Friday, December 10th.  Don’t miss out on this special Holiday Black Friday Offer!